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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The NEW Body Buddies Blog!

To all my fabulous blog followers:

Please join me on the NEW Body Buddies blog, which is now a part of my website. I will be posting much more frequently there and about all kinds of topics--from the Power Foods Lifestyle and strategic exercise to food prep tips and mental discipline. Head on over and check it out!

Love your bud,

Thursday, December 12, 2013

What I Wish I Would Have Known #43 . . . FINAL POST

It's been an arduous task racking my mind the past few weeks trying to think of a new topic for a new blog post. I had become burdened by the thought that I was behind in my blogging, and became frustrated that a new topic wasn't coming to mind. With each day that passed, my mind felt heavier as I couldn't put my finger on what was holding me back.

Last night, the thought dawned on me so brightly that I smiled, although it wasn't what I expected.

Since January 2013 I have been blogging about the things I wish I would have known back when I was going through all of my difficulties with food and self-image. I have brought up the past and some difficult memories in order to help people like you realize you are not alone in your struggle to find your proper relationship between food and your desired body shape. It has been a wonderful experience and I have seen a lot of growth in many of you who have been following the blog and have kept me posted on your own journeys. Thank you for sharing with me your experiences so that I could feel my time blogging these trials was worth it! 

Alas, it is time to bring this blog to a close and move on to the next phase of Body Buddies. I would like to move on from talking about my past struggles, and now focus with you on your future victories. As many of you may know, I have been working furiously for the past year to make the Power Foods Lifestyle instruction book and first volume of recipes available to all of you. It feels as if every obstacle possible has come my way over the course of the year, but I have continued pressing forward, determined to accomplish my goal. I believe firmly in the Power Foods Lifestyle and want so badly for each of you to begin adopting the principles of this strategic way of eating into your own life. I want each of you to experience amazement as you watch how it changes your body, and ultimately, your entire life.

I have been so blessed to have had donations from backers to help with the incredible costs of editing, lay out, copyright, trademarking, and printing. Though the campaign has closed, I am still accepting donations as I need close to another $1,000 to finish the project and send off the copyrights. If you would like to donate, please email me at and I will send you a donation link as well as the incentives that I offer for your donations. Every dollar helps!

Be sure to watch Facebook and this blog between December 20 and 25 for the announcement that my website is live. At, you will be able to learn about and receive training on the Power Foods Lifestyle, as well as purchase the instruction book and the first volume of recipes. 

Beginning January 2014, the Body Buddies blog will begin featuring stories of my clients and other Body Buddies who have achieved success using the Power Foods Lifestyle. It will be fun for all of us to watch each other’s growth and changes, and to cheer each other on! I'm excited for this new approach and another year of making people smile :)

Thank you for being a part of Body Buddies. I do all of this for you--for your happiness, your education, your growth, and confidence in your own body. After all, we're buds, and buds got each other’s back. ;)


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What I Wish I Would Have Known #42 . . .

The grocery store can be such a blessing, yet such a curse—that is, when you are hungry. While it is wonderful to have a place at which to gather all of the necessary ingredients for the upcoming days and weeks of eating, it seems the strategies of product placement completely befuddled my plans to change my life for years. I was a healthy eater. I was obsessed with nutrition. Yet for some reason, I did not have the mental strength and final piece of knowledge to help me overcome many of my weaknesses. Standing where I am now gives me strength to look back with confidence and say, wow, girl—you learned a lot, didn’t you? While the following two examples did not happen every time I went shopping at the grocery store, they did happen often, and usually when I was doing very well with being disciplined and trying to reach my goal weight. It is frustrating to be in a place where you feel the world is against you and your efforts to change your body and your habits. It can be so easy to want to give up! To say it’s no use! But I promise you, there are strategies to overcoming our weaknesses—the key is to identify our triggers and then to set up a game plan to overcome them.

1.       The Check-Out Aisle
Why, oh why, do they have to line the cashier aisles with candy bars? And worse, why do they have to mark the prices down occasionally? On a business level, I totally get it. It’s a quick-grab treat where customers are more likely to do just what I used to do, grab one, or two, or three, and place them in the cart to eat on the way home from the store. Ahhhhhh! I fell victim to these chocolate delights over and over and over and then found myself in the never-ending self-inflicted torment that ricocheted back and forth in my mind. What I wish I would have known is that I could set up a strategy to overcome my weakness of a love for candy bars and a fast-grab hand.

The Trigger: I was typically hungry, stressed, and tired. I still am. I think we all are. These emotions and states are prime for making a very quick rationalization that a pick-me-up like a candy bar is just what the doctor ordered.

The Game Plan: If I know that I am feeling weaker in my discipline than other days, I will typically include a stop by the deli during my shopping. I love the plain turkey breast, and have 4-6 ounces cut fresh for me. I have stopped being afraid to eat something before I buy it, and simply keep the wrapping with the weight and price tag near my purse if I munch all the way through the meat before I arrive at the check out stand. The lean protein satisfies the stomach, and helps divert any lack of willpower at that time—especially if eating it while standing in line. We are human and we like to put food in our mouths—there is nothing wrong with this. It simply needs to be a strategic kind of food with a value that will not spike our insulin and inhibit fat loss, but rather help us feel great and balance our blood sugar levels. 

2.      The Bakery
If you have ever gone grocery shopping in the earlier morning hours, you know firsthand that the smell of the bakery and all of the delectable goods in the ovens can be quite overpowering. In my former habits of eating, I could not say ‘no’ to picking up a donut (or two, or three) to enjoy on my way home from the store. Inevitably, I did not practice any self-control, and the fat-and-sugar-laden rings quickly found themselves in my stomach, oftentimes eaten so fast that I could not remember the taste! As saturated fat and refined, high-glycemic sugar carbs found their way into my stomach and digestive tract, I felt sick—not just as a result of the nutritive values, but for the lack of self-control. Guilt at 7 a.m. is a horrible way to start the day. My morning binge usually led to a whole day of uncontrolled eating. How quickly my mental switch was flipped and I found myself justifying every morsel of food that found my mouth by thinking, Well, I already messed up so I may as well enjoy it.

What I wish I would have known is that the best way for me to rectify this situation is not by feeling sorry for myself and my lack of willpower, but that I could quickly work to balance my blood sugar levels so I stopped feeling yucky quickly. I wish I would have known that by drinking a straight protein shake or having a good egg white omelet with vegetables when I got home, I could get good fuel in my body to decrease the alarm that had been activated. I wish I would have known that I could prevent my weakness by taking the same approach as the candy bar trigger, or by simply ensuring I had a meal in my stomach when I left my house to go to the store. I now know that planning meals in advance (I do a weekly plan on Sundays) is the key to success and reaching my goals. This ensures I am never caught off guard because not only do I know what I should and will be eating, but I have it prepped and ready to go. Food prep and planning have changed my life and helped me work to overcome my own mental weaknesses.

I do not believe that it is bad for us to feel we don’t have willpower made of iron, steel, and grit. I say this over and over again to my clients, and they probably get sick of it, but we are human! It is normal to have urges to eat, and to eat non-strategic foods! We cannot beat ourselves up for that. Instead of falling into the bottomless pit of saying, I just don’t have that kind of willpower, we each must continue to identify our triggers and set up game plans so we never have to deal with the temptation in the first place.

Stay strong. You can do hard things.

Love your bud,

Thursday, November 21, 2013

What I Wish I Would Have Known #41 . . .

When I was in high school, I danced on my high school drill team. Nutrition was always important to me, but I also was addicted to eating things that tasted good. I remember one fall my mom bought a carton of apple juice. I really liked the taste of it, but I also liked the feel of the energy I got from the sugar (fructose) even more. It put me in a good mood, too! I decided to go to the store and buy a carton for myself—I thought it would be a good thing to drink during dance practices to give me energy.

Unfortunately, I did not realize that apple juice is way too high in sugar and was actually more dehydrating than hydrating. However, I became so addicted to that taste and the feeling I got when drinking it that I began pouring the juice in a large 32-ounce water bottle several times a day, and carrying it from class to class. This was in addition to all the juice I was drinking during dance!

I don’t know at what point I realized that I had made a huge error, but I’m pretty sure the way my costumes fit played a big part in that. I was packing on extra fat and knew that I needed to do something fast. I was mortified with what this small change in behavior had done to me!

I learned through sad experience that fruit juice is NOT to be substituted for water. While apple juice contains a lot of natural minerals and vitamins like calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, and magnesium, the carbohydrate content—in addition to the sugar content—was not conducive to my desire to maintain a lower body fat percentage.

What I wish I would have known is that carbohydrate (and not just any carbohydrate, a simple one!)  is the number one macronutrient that spikes insulin, which turns on the fat storage hormone of insulin.  What’s worse is the addition of sugar to the fruit juice sends the insulin secretion even higher.  Fruit juice it is not a bad thing; however, it is to be consumed in moderation. This applies to both adults and children.

I very rarely find myself drinking fruit juice these days, as I tend to choose water over all beverages. I would rather “eat my calories than drink them.”  This is a phrase that my mother has always echoed, and now more than ever, I completely understand why.

I hope that you can also look at your fruit juice consumption and decide if you really need it, or if you can get your vitamins and minerals through real food. Perhaps you may also take up juicing which is always better to do yourself   than to buy in a cartoon or container where it has been processed in a factory.

As for me, I’ll be staying far away from all juices.

Love your bud,

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What I Wish I Would Have Known #40 . . .

Nobody told me it would still be hard after I had changed my body. But then again, nobody told me anything through this process. While I have turned to others for support and encouragement, I have blazed my own trail forward into personal uncharted territory. I didn’t jump on any bandwagons of any diets or exercise programs out there. Yes, I have learned from them through careful observation and research, but in the end, found something that I felt bridged the gap between science and real-life application in a more holistic approach. I constructed the Power Foods Lifestyle.

There are easy days, there are hard days, and there are many days in between the two. I am human, much like every other person. I have emotions that sway me and pull me toward wanting my comfort foods, feelings of being stuffed to the brim, and letting go the walls of discipline I have built up around me. Although there are times I unintentionally give in and make a choice I know I shouldn’t have, I am able to pull myself back to discipline instead of “falling off the wagon” as many people do. They run in spurts—go, go, go and oooooooops . . .

So I have grown to be happy with my body and, more importantly, my relationship with food. I have not counted calories in over a year. This, in and of itself, has been the most liberating obstacle I have overcome. No, there is nothing wrong with counting calories in order to gauge how we are doing. But obsessively punching numbers in, using them to punish or reward yourself, and constantly calculating math problems in your mind to determine “remaining calories” is absolute hell. Yes, I said it. It’s horrible. It’s awful. It takes over your mind as the deepest of obsessions that food is not food, but a sum tally of numbers. And thanks to the Power Foods Lifestyle, I no longer count calories. I now gauge portion sizes and balances of meals. I no longer focus on daily totals. All that matters to me is that I complete each macronutrient area of my meal (Protein + Carb + Veggie or Protein + Fat + Veggies), and eat every 2.5-3 hours from the time I wake up to about 1-2.5 hours before bed.

Due to this new freedom of my mind, I was greatly surprised the other day when I felt a sting of a thought that came to my mind, a thought that I have worked to eradicate from my mind. This thought—one that originated in the days of my obsessive counting/binging/purging days, had somehow weaseled its way through a chink in the armor of my mental strength.

“You’re still not good enough. You’ll never look like ____________.”

These thoughts were followed by a torrent of all of the extreme approaches to dieting that I know, and am completely capable of following. My mind broke, and each thought began piggybacking on another thought, until I had nearly worked out a plan to get me to the look that my mind had furiously pumped into my mind. Finally, I was able to break free of the current and grasp the situation.

“NO!” I screamed inside. “You have worked far too hard and too long to establish your healthy and moderate approach to this! Don’t you dare give that up!” And then I thought of all of my Body Buds, and my one-on-one clients I coach. I didn’t want to let anyone down. I would not give in to the pressure and desire to achieve an insane physique that does not exemplify health and moderation. I cannot live on both sides of the fence – extreme dieting of fitness models versus healthy and moderate approaches to health with a healthy, toned body.

I thought I had made a decision back in March of 2012. I thought that was the only day I would have to decide. But you know what? That day came again yesterday. And I made my decision. I will continue to practice what I preach. I will not give in to social and mental pressure to maintain an extreme physique year-round. Yes, I will hit that physique for competition, but I choose not to maintain it. I choose to practice moderation and healthful practices year-round.

Tough choice, and one I will need to continue to make. I hope we can all be strong and win the battles of our mind.

Every victory is a victory.

Love your bud,